Down the Hall – Ep 26 – Education, Place, and Promise

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Welcome to 2012! Its the first episode of the new year, and Daves flying solo because Jennys unavoidably absent. That doesnt mean we dont have a great show for you, though.

Dr. Blye Frank, Dean of the Faculty of Education, has some great and inspiring thoughts on what role the Faculty will play in the UBC Strategic Plan, Place & Promise. In an extended interview recorded back in October (so the upcoming travel he mentions has actually now occurred), Dr. Frank shares with us his views on where the Faculty is going and what priorities the Faculty is pursuing in implementing the plan. We cover everything from diversity in the Faculty to indigenous education, global outreach, youth at risk, and much more. We really enjoyed sitting down and chatting with him; his passion for Education really came through.

Before you listen, we did want to apologize for some of the audio issues during the interview. One of the headsets that have worked so well for us suddenly stopped working right at the beginning of the interview. We werent recording in our office, so we couldnt just grab another one. We alternated headsets so that Dr. Frank could have his own. The sound you here is when we were making the switch. We tried doing it as quietly as possible, but it unfortunately did make noise.

We also apologize for the lateness!

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Down the Hall – Episode 26 (38:26)

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